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How can I find and use an employee's invitation code to invite them to use Agendrix?

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If an employee is having difficulty logging in for the first time following your invitation, they may be asking for a code.

A) How do I generate an invitation code?

  1. Go under the “HR” menu

  2. Choose the "Employees" section

  3. Choose the “Invitations” sub-section

  4. C''generate'' next to the employee's name (see pink box)

A code will then appear, and all you have to do is provide it to the employee.

Note that this code will be valid for 7 days.

To use the code, go to app.agendrix.com/code and follow the steps. Please note: this code can only be used once!


If you're doing this for them, make sure to log out of your session first.

B) Printed invitations procedure

Printed invitations are useful when you don't have the contact details of your employees and want to speed up the process of implementing Agendrix in your organization:

  1. Go under the “Employees” menu

  2. Choose the “Invitations” section

  3. Click on the printer icon in the upper right corner of the invited employees list

  4. Select "Every unconnected employees"

  5. Once the invitation codes are printed, cut them out and give them to the employees

Again, to use the codes, go to app.agendrix.com/code and follow the steps!

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