1. Being subscribed to the Ceridian Powerpay Plus plan.

  2. Obtain your earning codes by requesting them from Ceridian Powerpay customer service.

Once you are subscribed to Powerpay Plus and have obtained your earning codes, you are ready to activate the integration.

A) Activating the integration

  1. In the menu bar on the far left of the screen, click on "Settings";

  2. Click on the "Integrations" submenu and make sure you are in the "Configuration" tab;

  3. In the Ceridian Powerpay box, click on "Activate".

B) Setting up the integration

Configuration tab

  1. Enter your Ceridian Powerpay account number in the "Ceridian Powerpay ID" box. If you do not have your account number you can simply enter your company name, this will not affect the payroll export.

  2. Since Ceridian Powerpay uses a Department structure, you must associate these with your Agendrix structure. If you are using locations to divide your departments select "Locations" and if you are using positions select "Positions".

  3. Finally, enter your Ceridian-provided earning codes for regular and overtime hours. In theory, the RT and OT codes should match these fields.

  4. Click Submit

Mappings tab

  1. Enter the codes provided by Ceridian for your different types of time offs.

  2. Enter the codes provided by Ceridian for your departments.

  3. Enter the codes provided by Ceridian for your premiums. If you do not use Premiums in your Agendrix account, this option will not appear here.

  4. Click Submit.

Employees tab

  1. Enter the employee numbers that match the ones in your Ceridian Powerpay account.

  2. Click Submit

The Ceridian Powerpay integration setup is now complete!

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