How to Create a Shift

How to create the schedule

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You can save your most frequently used Shift into Templates that can be added with one single click. Follow this procedure.

There are two ways of creating a new shift

1) Directly in the line of an employee

  • Bring your mouse over a day in the line of an employee

  • A "New shift" box will appear

  • Click on that box

1.1. Shift informations

You can enter the general info directly in this window. Here are a few tips:

  • You can type on the keyboard the beginning and end time (orange rectangle)

  • To create a Time off, check the box on the top left

  • Add more than one break per day (no need to set a specific start time)

  • See the impact on availabilities of the employee at the bottom (blue rectangle)

  • To create a recurring shift, go in the "Recurrence" tab. More on that here.

1.2 Breaks

You can add multiple breaks to a shift and you have different options. Mainly you can decide:

  • The duration (by entering it in the first box on the left)

  • If it's paid (by default it's unpaid)

  • A specific start time (optional). If you enter at time in the ''start at'' box

2. By clicking on the ''create'' button

2.1 Select ''Shift'' after clicking on ''create''

2.2 Select the correct date

2.1 Select an employee

*Go back to point 1 of this article and follow the steps to finish creating your shift.

3. Draft Mode and Publishing the Schedule

When you create a shift it will be in a draft first (surrounded by dotted lines). This means employees cannot see it. When you are ready to send it to employees, hit "Publish"

  • Employees will receive an instant notification when you publish

  • If you make changes, you will need to publish them to alert employees

  • Published shifts appear with solid lines around them

Protip: To minimize the number of notifications sent. We recommend that you publish only once your schedule is complete.

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