You can save your most frequently used Shift into Templates that can be added with one single click. Follow this procedure.

A) Creating a new shift

  • Bring your mouse over a day in the line of an employee

  • A "New shift" gray box will appear

  • Click on that box

B) Shift informations

You can enter the general info directly in this window. Here are a few tips:

  • You can type on the keyboard the beginning and end time (orange rectangle)

  • To create a Time off, check the box on the top left

  • Add more than one break per day (no need to set a specific start time)

  • See the impact on availabilities of the employee at the bottom (blue rectangle)

  • To create a recurring shift, go in the "Recurrence" tab. More on that here.

B) Breaks

You can add multiple breaks to a shift and you have different options. Mainly you can decide:

  • It's duration (first box on the left)

  • If it's paid (by default it's unpaid)

  • A specific start time (optional). If you check that option, a box on the right will appear to enter the start time.

C) Draft Mode and Publishing the Schedule

When you create a shift it will be in a draft first (surrounded by dotted lines). This means employees cannot see it. When you are ready to send it to employees, hit "Publish" (Orange arrow)

  • Employees will receive an instant notification when you publish

  • If you make changes, you will need to publish them to alert employees

  • Published shifts appear with solid lines around them (Blue arrow)

Protip: To minimize the number of notifications sent. We recommend that you publish only once your schedule is complete.

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