A) Why use Agendrix Messenger?

Agendrix Messenger is an instant messaging service specifically designed to manage your company's communications. This chat module allows you to automatically connect the members of your organization without having to rely on your employee’s personal networks. This ensures more effective and professional communications on a daily basis.

B) How to disable conversations between employees?

By default, the Messenger module allows the members of the same location to communicate with one another. Admins can disable this feature here:

  1. Settings menu

  2. Messenger tab

  3. Check the box to disable and save

Alternatively, you can allow employees to communicate with all other employees of the organization despite their locations.

C) How does Agendrix Messenger work?

  • To start a new conversation, simply click the purple "+" button (see blue arrow).

  • To disable notifications, leave a conversation, add/remove members or rename a group conversation, click the "..." in the upper right corner.

D) Agendrix Messenger on mobile

Agendrix Messenger is also available from the Agendrix mobile apps for employees section on iOS and Android.

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