A) Where can I set up my integration?

  1. Go to "Settings".
  2. Click on the "Payroll Integration" tab.
  3. Click on "Manage"

B) Default function and projects

WARNING: Do not confuse Departments and Functions in Acomba. Departments are not programmable in Agendrix. Only Functions may be defined. The Function numbers may be found in each employee's profile.

Default function

  1. Each employee time entry will be exported to Acomba and will be associated to a function number.
  2. It is primordial to add the number that will be used by default ("1" for example) for each time entry
  3. It is possible to override this "by default" number per employee in the Employees tab of the integration.

Keep in mind that Agendrix can export the employee hours to a single function number per employee.

Projects (Optional)

Acomba projects can be associated to Agendrix "Locations".

If you have multiple locations and that they are corresponding to projects, you can add a project number per location. Simply write it in the associated form field.

C) Earnings or salary numbers

In Acomba you have a couple salary numbers for different earning types. See here the most common ones:

  • Regular : 102
  • Overtime : 103
  • Vacation : 107
  • Sick days : 106

D) Employee numbers association

  1. Add each Acomba employee identification number in the associated field
  2. You can use a different function number then the default one if it is different. If you leave the field empty, the default value chosen in B) will be used

Beware : If two employees have the same identification number, the associated number will receive the sum of the hours clocked by both employees

E) After the set up

Once done, you are ready to export payroll into the ADX format. See the following article on How to export payroll into Acomba.

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