If you have external time banks balance that you would like to transfer to Agendrix, you can manually add hours to your employees' opening time bank balance.

IMPORTANT: You must have "Admin" or "Manager" access in order to edit the time bank balance of an employee. Before you can edit the balance, a time bank must have been created by an admin.

A) Accessing the employee time bank window

  1. Go to "Time and attendance" menu
  2. Click the "Time bank" tab
  3. In the "Employees" tab
  4. Click on the employee

B) Adjusting time bank balance

  1. Choose the bank you will edit the balance from
  2. Select add or remove
  3. Insert the number of hours to add and the multiplier if applicable (default is 1x)
  4. Leave a note to refer to in the log (optional)

C) Consulting the edit log

Each time a manual adjustment is brought on a time bank, Agendrix will log the information for future reference.

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