You can create time bank in which you will be able to accumulate your employees' overtime. Time banks are an effective way to manage employee overtime as you will be able to withdraw from them in the future to cover a paid time-off, for example.IMPORTANT: You must have "Administrator" access in order to create and edit Time Banks.

A) Accessing the Time Banks menu

  1. Go to "Time and attendance" menu
  2. "Time banks" tab

B) Creating a Time Bank

Time banks are commonly used to bank overtime for later use as time-off. Some hours may even need to be banked at a special rate (like 1.5x or 2x) in which case you will be able to set a default multiplier for each bank.

  1. Choose a name
  2. Determine the default multiplier*
  3. Save

*All hours banked in this bank will be affected by the multiplier. The multiplier does not affect withdrawals.

C) Editing Time Banks

Once you've created bank types you can go back to the "Types" tab to edit them. You will be able to see their multiplier. If you want to edit them or delete one you may use the "..." on the far right of the screen.

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