For employees who have accrued overtime hours, it is possible for managers to withdraw from the time banks and fill the timesheet.

A) Withdraw hours to fill the timesheet

  1. Open the employee timesheet

  2. Click in the In/Out columns

  3. Choose "Bank"

  4. Choose the bank to withdraw from

  5. Select "Remove hours from bank"

  6. Insert the number of hours to withdraw

  7. Save

B) Automatically withdraw hours from the time bank to fill the timesheet

In the timesheet of an employee, you can consult this time bank balance and you can click on :

  • Adjust timesheet hours

You must have manager or administrator access to adjust timesheet hours


  1. Check "Complete timesheet using banked hours"

  2. Select a time bank to withdraw from

  3. Apply

The time bank can have a negative balance if you check the box below the bank.

C) Consulting the change

A time entry will be displayed in the timesheet to show the employee that the hours have been withdraw from the bank to fill the timesheet. The ️  indicates that the hours have been withdrawn from the bank.

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