Agendrix will let you know when a conflict occurs while creating your schedule.  The alert center on the top right of your agenda will display these occurrences and let you manage them:

  • Shift conflicts (duplicata or overlapping)
  • Shifts planned outside of an employee's availability

A) How to Access the Alert Center

Click on the orange box on the top right of the agenda

B) Conflicting Shifts

Conflicting shifts are when a shift you attempted to create (or copy) is overlapping with an existing shift. The recent shift created is then sent in the alert center as a conflicting shift. Conflicting shifts will prevent you from publishing. . For each conflicting shift you have 3 options:

  1. Delete
  2. Convert to open shift. More on open shifts here.
  3. Assign it to another employee

You can also delete all conflict at once with the "Delete all" button at the bottom.

Note that deleting conflicting shifts will not delete what you have currently on the schedule. It will only remove the extra shifts created.

Assigning the shift to someone else

When you click on assign, a new window will appear to show you which employees are available and what will be the impact on their weekly hours (Orange box). Simply make your selection and click on transfer at the bottom.

C) Shifts Outside Availability

Shifts scheduled outside of an employee's availability will not restrain you from publishing the schedule. However you may want to revisit the shift to alleviate the concerns of your employees. Agendrix will show you the exact time when the employee is unavailable (Blue arrow). You have 2 options here:

  1. View shift (and make a modification)
  2. Ignore the alert

You can quickly discard all unavailability alerts by clicking on "Ignore all"

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