The Clock-in Questionnaire feature allows you to add yes/no questions upon an employee clock-in. Answers are logged into a report and you can determine if certains answers must prevent employees from clocking in.

During the COVID-19 crisis, this feature can be helpful to secure your workplace.

Activate the Questionnaire

  • Go to the "Settings" menu

  • Click on «Clock-in Form"

Create your questions

We have added a shortcut to pre-fill your form with the 3 most common COVID-19 symptoms/risk factor questions

  1. Choose a title and description

  2. Write your questions

  3. Determine if an undesired answer must prevent clock-in

  4. Write the message to be displayed if an undesired answer is given

  5. Save

Determine if an undesired answer must prevent clock-in

Employee Clock-in

Once activated the questionnaire will immediately become available for employees upon clock-in on all our clock-in methods (fixed terminal, kiosk, computer, mobile apps).

Make sure that your employees have updated their mobile app.

Answer Log

Answers will be recorded in the Clock Log accessible from the "Time and Attendance" menu. You can also export an excel report from the « Reports » menu (Time and Attendance category).

Deactivate the Questionnaire

To deactivate the Questionnaire simply disable it with the button at the top of the menu and save.

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