Update the Employee List

The employee list update is possible 3 ways:

  1. On the initial set up

  2. Automatically at the end of each day

  3. Triggered manually

How to Manually Trigger the Sync

If you just added an employee in EmployeurD and would like to have them synced immediately, you can trigger the sync under the 3 little dots at the top right of your screen under the Employee page.

Update the Time Bank Data

Where can you find that info?

The EmployeurD vacation banks can be found at two different places:

  1. Under the employee time sheet under Time and Attendance. You can click on the little "i" icon to see the detail.

2. Under an employee time off request on the bottom right (Under Requests -> Choose a time off request)

How to update the values

In both areas when you look at the details you will see a refresh button at the bottom. Simply press on it to refresh the sync!

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