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Deleted shifts appear on my schedule every week
Deleted shifts appear on my schedule every week

How to remove deleted shifts that continue to be displayed

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Some deleted shifts may return to the schedule if the deletion was not published immediately or if a recurrence is broken.

1- Unpublished suppression

An unpublished suppression is caused by forgetting to check the "Publish this change immediately" box when removing a shift that has already been published.

If the box is unchecked, the shift will disappear from the schedule but will not yet be deleted, so the deletion will remain pending. You can view and publish it by clicking on the pink "publish" button.

2- Broken recurrence

To identify a broken recurrence, you'll notice that even if it's repeated, the little sign below is no longer visible:

Here are the steps to remove a broken recurrence:

1. Isolate the employee by filtering the name in the left-hand corner

2. Change the schedule view to '' MONTH ''

3. Using the selection tool, select all desired quarters

4. Click on '' Delete ''

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 over the next few months until you see no more duplicates.

N.B.: recurrence is always created up to 1 year in advance, so rest assured you won't have to do this action indefinitely.

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