How to archiving an employee? 🔒

To archive an employee, you must :

  1. Go under the HR tab

  2. Choose Employees

  3. Find him/her in the list

  4. Click on Archive, under the 3 dots

Now or later?

You will then be prompted to decide if you want to archive the employee immediately or at a future date. This could be useful if the employee have given you a notice!

Note : The moment an employee is archived, he looses all access to your Agendrix organization, he will not be billed at the next billing date and all of his future recurring shifts will be canceled. Their past historic will still be accessible directly in the schedule or via exports.


When you will select "archive now", you'll have the option to delete All FUTURE shifts, convert non-recurring shifts to open shifts or transfer shifts to a selected employee.

Want to retrieve the said employee? You can always reactivate him, see how to do so by clicking here!

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