Reactivating an employee 🔐

STARTING April 1st 2021: When an employee is reactivated, a prorated debit will be added to your account for the upcoming billing cycle. For more information on how billing works in Agendrix, click here.

Why reactivate?

If ever an employee comes back after being archived (see here how to do so) and needs to be scheduled, instead of "re-creating" him, it is possible to reactivate his account with all his information saved!

To do so you must follow these steps : 

  1. Click on : Employees tab;

  2. Click on : Archived;

  3. Find the employee in the list and click on Reactivate under the 3 dots. 

Note : The moment an employee is reactivated, he gains access to your Agendrix organisation as his previous Agendrix role. He will also be billed as soon as the next billing date.

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