How to Create Open Shifts

How do I send an open shift to everyone to know if someone is available

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What is an open shift?

An open shift can be created the same way would create a regular shift only it is not assigned to a specific employee. 

Instead when you publish an open shift, Agendrix will send a notification to all available employees matching its position. They can apply on it if interested.

By default, open shifts must be assigned among volunteers by a manager, but it is possible to remove the need to approve and go on a "First comes, First Served basis"

1) Who can volunteer?

To be eligible to volunteer, employees must meet the following criteria:

  • Have the same location as the open shift

  • Have the same position as the open shift

  • Not have an approved time off

  • Not have a conflicting shift on the schedule

    **For Plus plan users, you can authorize employees to apply on an open shift that is in conflict with their schedule by activating this setting under :

    "Settings" -> "Scheduling".

★See point 7 for assigning an open shift with conflict

2) Creating an open shift

  1. In the "Open shifts" row at the top of the scheduler, click in the cell corresponding to the desired date for the open shift

  2. Click on "new shift''

**To see the shifts to be filled, make sure that the "Hide open shift" option is unchecked in the filters on the left of the screen. **

You can also specify the number of employees required in the "quantity" field, and assign this shift to more than one volunteer if necessary.

Note that you must publish the open shift in order for employees to receive a notification.

3) Via the "Create" button

You can also create an open shift via the "Create" button in the top left-hand corner of the planner.

You'll then be taken to the window for creating your fill-in shift, where you can enter information about the date, start and end times, quantity, branch and position.

4) Assigning an Open shift via the scheduler

Unless the organization settings are set to "First Arrived, First Served basis" (as mentioned above in the intro), you will need to assign the open shift among volunteers.

  • Each time employees apply on an open shift you will be notified

  • You will see volunteers directly on the open shift 

If you are on the mobile app for managers, follow this procedure instead.

How to assign

  1. Click on that shift to open it

  2. Go in the "Volunteers" tab

  3. Choose the employee to assign by clicking on his name

  4. Click on Assign (Orange arrow)

  5. The employee will be notified immediately

Note that you can also assign open shifts via the ''Requests tab''.

5) Assign an open shift with a conflict

If this option has been activated by an administrator, employees who are already scheduled can volunteer for a shift that conflicts with their existing schedule.

When assigning a shift, you'll see the words "Conflicts" and you'll be able to manage the conflict directly by clicking on "Manage conflict", which will allow you to delete the conflicting shift or transfer it.

You can also assign the shift, leaving the conflict to be dealt with later.

6) Use filters to improve decision-making

Click in the lists to change the order in which volunteers are presented (see orange boxes). You can order volunteers by :

  • First or last name;

  • Length of service;

  • Employee number;

  • Order of arrival.

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