Access the Notifications Tab

You can access the notifications tab from the web application on the top right of your screen.

Important: When you receive a notification, it will include context on the situation as well as a link re-directing you to the web application.

Decide how and when to receive notifications

You can chose the preferred communication channel for your notifications. You can receive them via email or SMS.

Types of Notifications

You will find multiple types of notifications, we will discuss them below.


Receive a notification any time one of your supervised employees...

  • Ask for a Time off

  • Would like to be replaced

  • Would like to swap a shift

  • Submits a new set of availabilities

  • Apply's on an open shift


Receive a notification anytime you are implicated in an employee communication:

  • When you have a stake in a News Feed message

  • When a new comment is made on a shift, a message or an employee request

  • A new message in the Agendrix Messenger


Get notified anytime an employee is:

  • Late or absent

  • Forgets to clock in


Finally you will find a couple general notifications to help you out.

  • Get notified when a schedule has not been published

  • Get notified when some time entries still require approval 

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