What happens after my free trial?

Your Agendrix account will revert back to free mode, meaning you will lose all paid functions like connected employees and month view (All your work will be saved if you want to activate it later, though)

To dodge that bullet, you will need to activate the subscription.

No worries if it doesn't work out for you after some time, we have no contract!

Activating my account

Step 1 : Where to go

To activate billing in Agendrix, you have to go under the Billing tab in the Agendrix navigator and click on Continue using Agendrix. See following examples :

If you are still on trial, you will not be billed until the end of it. You can therefore fill in the billing form whenever you want!

If your trial has expired

Step 2 : Fill in the info

You will be asked to fill in your credit card information as well as being informed of all the relevant important information regarding your subscription.

See detail below :

  • Blue square : Total price + detail of subscription;
  • Pink square : Information that you want to be displayed on the invoice;
  • Green square : Credit card information, same as usual 👍.

Step 3 : Enjoy Agendrix!

You are now subscribed to Agendrix 🙌 and will receive an email confirmation shortly! All of your future invoices will be sent directly to your email.

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