You don’t need to sign up

  1. Your employer will create a profile for you
  2. He will send you an email invite
  3. Click on "accept my invitation" in that email
  4. Follow the steps to choose a password
  5. Activate your account

If you did not receive an invitation, ask your manager to send a new one

Other informations

If you are already using Agendrix at another workplace

  1. Provide the new workplace with the same email you are using
  2. You will receive a confirmation email upon invitation
  3. Your account will be automatically connected
  4. You'll have access to all your workplaces from a single account

Your employers cannot see the schedules, availabilities, time-offs and timesheet that you have at the other employers.

If you don’t have an email address

  1.  If you need your schedule, your employer can print if for you
  2. If you need your PIN for the Time Clock, ask your manager
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