How to Set Recurring Shifts

How do I create a rotating schedule automatically

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Why use the Recurrence feature?

The Recurrence feature allows you to create shifts that will be repeated automatically moving forward similar to apps like google calendar. 

Here are some examples where you may want to use the feature:

  • The employee schedule is the same every week

  • You have a rotation in your schedules

  • Etc.

A) Setting a Recurrence

  1. Create a new shift or select an existing one;

  2. Enter all the information necessary if you are creating a new shift;

  3. Click the “Recurrence” tab;

  4. Set your options;

  5. Save.

B) Possible options

1) Repeats

You must first select the shift repeats on a weekly or monthly basis.

2) Frequency, Days of the Week and End

Once you've selected the basis, you can select:

  • The weekly/monthly frequency i.e. Every week, other week, x weeks, etc.

  • Choose the Days of the week where it will apply

  • End: When the recurrence must stop

C) Summary

You can view a summary of the recurring shift you are about to create before saving on the

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