You will find that there are multiple options to let your employees clock their hours in Agendrix. The option you will chose will be based on the type of your business and will be determined by administrator managed settings.

Ways to clock in

Clock on a Fixed Terminal

The fixed terminal is an interface that lets employees clock in and out with a personal PIN that will be found under your profile.

This interface can be installed in the web browser of your PC or on our application Agendrix Kiosk that you will find on the Play Store and the App Store

Find here more information on the tablet application!

Mobile Clock

The mobile works on the employee mobile application Agendrix for Employees. When in the app, you will find a peach clock icon on the bottom right of the Overview tab. 

The employee will then be geo-fenced and will be able to clock in if he is on site. It is important to note that we do not follow anyone before nor after clocking in.

Computer clock

Clocking in/out on a computer is pretty simple. You must define authorized IP adresses. Authorized adresses can then connect to their account on and clock directly in their account.

Manually inputting time entries

You can also give your employees access to manually input their hours in their time sheets via the web app or the mobile app. 

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