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Managing Shift Transfer Requests (Offer or Swap)
Managing Shift Transfer Requests (Offer or Swap)

How to manage employees' shift swap or shift transfer requests

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Transfer requests allow employees to easily find qualified and available coworkers when needed. Employees can trade shifts or offer a remplacement with another employees in the same position. By default, transfer requests must be approved by a manager. You can change this need in the "Settings" menu "Employee Scheduling" tab.

If you are in the Manager Mobile App, follow this procedure instead.

A) Requests menu

You can consult all current requests in the Request menu. When you take action on a request (approve or refuse) employees will be alerted immediately and the schedule will be updated.

B) Possible transfer types

Two transfer types are available to employees:

  • Offer: An employee can simply offer (give) a given shift to one or more colleagues

  • Swap: An employee may also request to swap one of his shifts with one or more colleagues

Shift Transfer types can be filtered from the scrolling menu. Also, if a shift has no volunteers, it will appear under ''Everything''.

B) Transfer details

  • The impact of transfer hours for each employee concerned is always displayed

  • You can only receive transfer requests after at least 1 employee has accepted to replace a colleague. In this example, Sophia accepted the offer from Kevin.

C) Decision making

Click the red “Decline the request” button or the green “Approve the request” button based on your choice

Note : Unlike Time Off requests and requests for availability, Shift Transfer requests do not allow for posting comments

D) Settings

Deactivate the option

It's possible to deactivate the opportunity to do swaps and/or offers. You must go under Settings -> Employee Scheduling.

Automatic approbation

You can also automatically approve all swap/offer requests by deactivating manager approval under Settings -> Employee Scheduling

Be careful with this setting though since employees would have the opportunity to swap shifts that would give overtime!

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