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How to Request a Shift Swap or Transfer
How to Request a Shift Swap or Transfer

How can I exchange a shift. How do I trade a shift

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It is possible to ask your coworkers for a shift trade with the mobile app and on our website

A) 5 Things to Know Before Asking a Shift Trade

1 - Your administrator must enable the feature first

If your manager does not activate this setting you won't be able to trade.

2 - You can only trade with employees of the same position and location

A waiter can't trade with a cook 😅

3 - In some cases, a displayed shift may still not be available for trade

There may be some edge cases when trading shifts where the system will return the message, is not available. In this case unselect the shift and try with another one.

4 - Your coworkers may refuse to trade

It is not because you send a request that the trade will occur.

5 - Your manager must approve the trade

Even after your coworker accepts to trade (or multiple) a manager will need to approve it.

B) Sending A Shift Trade Request

Here are two distinct articles to ask a shift swap:

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