By default in Agendrix, an employee is always available. 

You can change that by adding unavailable and preference periods to each employee to add extra information when creating the schedule.

A) Access an employee's availability

  1. From the employee's profile, go under the Availability tab

  2. In the right side calendar, chose the desired week

  3. Add the non-availabilities / preferences

B) Enter the availability

Beware: Creating a set of availability without an end date will override all existing availabilities. If you want to add different availabilities for different moments, it's recommended to not use recurrences or creating the availabilities in chronological order.

  1. Click on + button under the pertinent date

  2. Indicate if the addition is an unavailability or a preference

  3. Indicate if it's all day or not

  4. Add other days if the same pattern is reusable

  5. Apply

C) Determine the frequency of recurrence 

Though this is optional you can add a repeating aspect to the availability.

Before saving (or after saving) you can determine if the week template can repeat and it's possible to add an end date.

Finally, you can also add desired hours to the mix. If you do so, find more information on how these are useful in this article!

D) See the availabilities in the schedule

In the schedule you will now see lines of colour to visualise the unavailabilities and the preferences. Here's the breakdown:

  • Red line: Unavailabile

  • Green line: Prefers to work

  • Nothing: Available

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