Some of our Time and Attendance settings can be scoped at the employee level. This can be particularly useful if you have employees requiring stricter or looser clocking rules, such as mangers. 

A) Accessing the Settings

The change can be made directly in their profile ️ "Time and Attendance" tab

B) General

1) Change PIN

You can change the employee PIN, must be between 1 and 10 digits.

2) Employees that don't need to clock

Scheduled hours will be sent to the time sheets.

C) Ways to Clock

You can override the organisation settings and dictate what employees can clock in in what fashion such as letting them modify their timesheets or have access to the mobile app.

Note: You can't set up if an employee is blocked by a radius or not.

D) Override the organization's time clock settings

1. This employee needs to be scheduled in order to clock in

If you activate this setting the employee will not be able to clock in if there is not scheduled shift.

2. Use the shift's planned start time when this employee clocks earlier than planned

  • This setting is strongly recommended. It will automatically adjust the clocked time to the scheduled time when the employee clocks earlier than planned. You can adjust the window this setting is applied on.

  • If the employee clocks before the window, the time entry will not be applied.

If the employee clocks in late, Agendrix will not re-adjust the time entry.

3. Automatically adjust the CLOCK OUT time

Same concept as the clock in time but for the OUT time.

  • All clock out times that are after the affected window will not be adjusted and will require approbation.

  • If the employee clocks out before the scheduled end, we will not automatically adjust.

E) Override the organization's working hours staggering settings

This setting will let you calculate the overtime hours of this employee on a total over the pay period instead of weekly. (ex: overtime over 80 hours on 2 weeks instead of each 40 hours)

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