Every employee can find his personal identification number (PIN) in his/her profile or in his/her timesheet, in “Time and Attendance”.

There are two ways of changing a PIN: it can be done en masse in the employees list or either directly through an employee's profile.

  • When you create a new employee profile, Agendrix automatically and randomly assigns him/her a PIN with 4 numbers

  • That PIN can’t be assigned to more than one employee at a time

  • An employee cannot change his own PIN, only the superiors can


While they can be the same, the PIN shouldn’t be confused with the EMPLOYEE NUMBER. The first is used only for clocking in while the second is a payroll number.

A) Modifying PINs En Masse

This is the quickest way to change the PINs of several employees.

  • Change the "Email" column header for "Time and attendance PINs"

  • Change the PIN's you like by clicking on them

B) Changing the PIN in the employee profile

  1. Choose the right employee in “Employees”

  2. Make sure to be in the “Profile” tab

  3. Write the new PIN in “Time and Attendance PIN”, it has to contain at least 4 numbers

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