An employee cannot change his own PIN code but any superior can. There are various ways of changing an employee's PIN. It can be done either through an employee's profile or timesheet or even en masse in the employee list.

A) Modifying PINs En Masse

This is the quickest way to change the PINs of several employees.

  • Go to the "Employee" menu

  • Change the "Email" column header for "Time and attendance PINs"

  • Change the PIN's you like by clicking on them

B) Changing the PIN in the employee profile

  • Go to the employee profile

  • "Time and Attendance" tab

  • Change the PIN

  • Save

C) Changing the PIN in the employee's timesheet

  • Go to "Time and attendance" menu

  • Click on the employee to open his Timesheet

  • Edit the PIN

  • Save

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