You may need to create a new Location if you want to separate larger departments. If you hesitate between creating a Location or an Organization, read this this article.

Locations are in the same organization. They can share employees and have a combined invoice. If you need to split those, we recommend creating an organization instead.

A) Using locations

Locations are a useful tool to structure your account with efficiency. Each location has:

  • It's own scheduling view

  • A different clock-in zone (geofencing)

  • The possibility to have different employees and managers

When you have multiple locations they will appear above your positions. See the example below. Note that they will be in the purple funnel on the top left of the agenda if you are on a small screen.

B) Managing locations

If you want to add or manage locations to your organisations, you must:

  • Go under the "Settings" tab

  • Find the Locations sub-tab

  • You can add, manage or delete locations

Note that only administrators can create and manage locations

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