When setting up your Agendrix Structure, you are faced with different structuring options. Organisations, locations and positions.

IMPORTANT: If you have mobile employees who work at multiple job sites in any given week, the Resources module (Job Sites) will be better tailored to your needs.


A) Organization

You will want to use multiple organisations when one or many of these instances occur

  • You have a work location in a different time zone

  • You do not share ANY employees and you want each location to be billed independently. 

  • In some cases, large stores may want to use one organization per location.

Click here to learn more about creating organisations.

B) Location

Without the restrictions mentioned above, you will want to create locations. An example would be a restaurant that has 2 locations in the same city!

  • Locations can share employees

  • Locations can have a different manager

  • You can also use locations as departments (like one for the kitchen and another for the wait staff)

Click here to learn more about locations.

C) Position

Positions are the different jobs or departments in your business. To learn more about how to manage them, click here!

  • Locations share the same positions but they can be hidden if empty

  • An employee in two locations can have different positions at each location

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