Important note: Only administrators and managers of all locations may edit positions.

Why Use Positions and Sub-Positions

A position is generally the role of the employee, such as:

  • Sales associate

  • Team lead

  • Etc.

A sub-position allows you to add more information on a shift such as:

  • Open

  • Close

  • Etc.

Note that while a Position is assigned per employee, a Sub-position is assigned de facto to all employees in the Position it is part of.

A) Managing Positions

To create or edit positions and sub-positions, click the “Manage positions” button under "Positions" on the left side of the agenda. (see orange arrow).

If you can't see that filter bar, click on the Green funnel top left of the agenda.

A) Creating Positions and Sub-Positions

1 - Positions

Once in this window, you can create a position by:

  • Writing a Name

  • Choosing a Color (left rectangle)

  • Clicking on Create

2 - Sub-position

Sub-positions can be created by adding one step

  • Click on the "Hamburger icon" to the left of the "Create" button

  • Select the positions it will be part of

  • Create

Note: Sub-positions are only useful in the Base Plan as they are simply tags on scheduled shifts and cannot be associated to time entries. Sub-positions also can't have their own hourly rates and are only exportable un the Shifts and time offs report.

3 - Selecting a Sub-Position

When creating a shift you will be able to select the sub-position.

C) Modifying, Editing and Deleting Positions

You can change everything about the positions you create. Simply open the Manage positions window. You will be able to:

  • Edit the Name, Color etc. by clicking on Edit (yellow arrow)

  • Delete the position (blue square)

  • Display order (yellow rectangle)

PS: You can group employees in the scheduler by position in the "Other options" section the the scheduler filters, Administrators can also manage positions under the Settings tab.

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