Before managing resources, make sure to see that it's a module that is well adapted to your needs. Contact the sales team to make sure.

Once created, resources can be added directly in shifts in the scheduler (add a resource) and employees can clock at the locations of these resources.

1) Create a Resource

To create a resource, simply click on the green button Create resource on the top right of the Resources tab.

Then, you must add these components:

  • Name

  • Type

Other fields are optional.

Note : If you create a Job site you have to allocate an address!

2) Resource types

Resources can be classified as a job site or an equipment.

Job site

Job sites give you the opportunity to add an address on Google maps that will let the employee visualize the location. Il will also let the employee clock in on the geofenced site.


The equipment type will let you manage assets (example: a vehicle) and assign them to the desired employees.

3) Manage a resource


To modify a resource, simply click on the resource itself (in the list) and click on Edit(top right).


On the same page but on the bottom right it is possible to Archive the resource.

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