Administrators and managers may create a URL to share the full schedule with people not connected to Agendrix. This is also useful to share the full schedule of all departments and all locations of your organizations in a view only mode.

A) Public Schedule Creation

  1. Go in the scheduler

  2. Click on Manage public schedules under the More button

You will be brought to a page showing the following screen.

B) Define the settings

  1. Give it a name

  2. Choose the information you want displayed (if the shift is seen or not, open shifts, background shifts)

  3. Select the locations and positions to be included

  4. Define the language and time format (12h or military)

C) Share the Public Schedule

You can now copy the link generated and share it with external people. You can edit or delete this link permanently at any time with the "..." on the far right of the link.

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