What is the API product

The Agendrix API gives the opportunity to your developer team (or an outsourced developer) with technical experience to read and/or to read the information found in your Agendrix database.

What can You Do with the API

Since the API gives you access to your account Database, this would let you create automations with other systems to get that information or to modify it.

Some examples could be:

  • Automatic creation of employees in Agendrix following a reading of the list of another system such as your payroll system or an HR system

  • Reading of the Agendrix time entries to generate a custom excel spreadsheet for your payroll system

  • Receiving and treatment of Agendrix time off requests through an HR system

The API Limits

The API does not let you create new functionalities in Agendrix. You can simply get the information in the database of your account or modify the existing fields.

You can not change the menus or change the interface.

What About Pricing?

Please contact our customer success team via the chat box on the bottom right of your screen so they can fill you in on the details!

How to Gain Access

You developer may access the product via our developer portal at the current address: https://developers.agendrix.com/

He will be invited to create an account (dissociated from their regular Agendrix account) with his email + password.

How to use the Developer Portal

All information regarding the developer portal can be found directly under the Documentation page once the developer account is created.

Your developer will be able to:

  1. Create an application (under the Applications tab)

  2. Give the application authorization to read, write (or both) to your Agendrix database

  3. Consult the list of over 75 possible requests under the documentation tab and understand how to use them. Note: During beta we do our best to keep the documentation up to date

  4. Use the Playground to authorize the application to your Agendrix organization and start doing tests with the requests.

At all times, your developer can get support from our team by mail via the following email: [email protected]

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