A) What Does the Sync Accomplish?

The API integration between Agendrix and Employeur D is a unidirectional sync from Employeur D towards Agendrix.

More precisely, this sync lets you generate all Employeur D users towards Agendrix (the other way around isn't possible).

The sync is automatically done everyday around midnight but can be manually triggered at any moment if necessary.

B) What Data is Synchronized?

Find below the synchronized employee data:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Employee number

  • Employee PIN (is the same as the employee number)

  • Email address (professional email in Employeur D)

  • Birth date

  • Hire date

  • Full Adress

  • Phone number(s)

  • Amount inside their vacation banks [*intended for employee viewing only*]

N.B.: It is possible to sync hourly rates on request.

C) Importing the Pay Period

The API configuration allows the payroll files to be deposited directly in Employer D instead of proceeding by export/import. One less step!

To proceed:

  1. Go to Employer D, under the “Payroll” menu;

  2. Click on “Import transactions”;

  3. Choose the right file from the drop-down menu (instead of searching for local file in your computer).

D) Partial Hire

The API integration also allows partial hires to be created in Employeur D from Agendrix (rather than the other way around).

See this article for more details!

E) Next Steps

If you wish to activate the sync with Employer D or see how to use it once set up, see these articles:

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