Are You Already Using Agendrix?

If you already use Agendrix actively, it's very important to validate the employee numbers as well as the employee emails in Agendrix and in Nethris to make sure they are the same for existing employees.

It's very important to make sure of that previous step so that existing Agendrix employees are synched with the Nethris users rather than creating duplicates.

Activate the Integration

To activate the integration, you must connect into your Nethris account and create an API user.

You will then need to share the information of this API user (user code and password) to your Agendrix account manager (or a member of our support team) so that they may activate the integration for you.

Creating an API user in Nethris

  1. Activation of the API connector under the Settings button on your bottom left -> Business options in the category Configuration

  2. Add an API user related to your business under the Administration section. It's to note that the user type will be Service User.

  3. Transmission of the business user code, business code and the password to your account manager in conformity of the EmployeurD confidentiality rules.

Note: A single user in your Nethris organisation is authorized to create an API user. If you are not this person, it will be indicated at the first step who that administrator would be.

Activating the Integration

Once you will have transferred the information to your contact at Agendrix, they will be able to activate the integration for your organisation (may it be an existing Agendrix organisation or a new one).

It's now time to enjoy the advantages of the integration! See here how to use the functionalities!

Accounting Structure

If you have an established accounting structure in Nethris, it's possible for Agendrix to sync only a certain pool of employees if necessary. Please discuss with your account manager for more information regarding this.

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