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Agendrix Surveys

How to use and visualize survey information

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1- What is Surveys

The Agendrix surveys is a module part of the HR suite, available with the Plus Plan, that gives you the opportunity to send personalized messages to your employees to get their input on their impressions/experiences in an anonymous fashion or not.

2- Where can you find the Surveys

You'll find them under HR -> Surveys

3- Creating a new Survey

Once on the surveys page with HR+ activated, you can create a new survey on the top right of your screen.

You'll be them prompted to follow 3 steps before sending the survey out.

3.1 Naming your survey

The first step is to set your survey's name and defining if it's anonymous or not.

For more information on anonymity, see this article

Then press next on the bottom left!

3.2 Building your survey

In this section, you will create your questions. First of all, you will have access to multiple types of questions, each with their own goals.

Find below the types:

  • Multiple choices (create each answer)

  • Scale (from 1-10)

  • Text (short or long)

  • Number (you can choose the range)

  • Date

Please note that on the creation of each question (excluding the text type), you can add and additional explication field. This is simply a little text field that let's respondents add a little extra to their answer.

You can also allow selecting multiple answers and make the question optional.

Once our first question created, we can go to the bottom of the page to create a new question. If we already had multiple ones, we can also re-order them on will or delete irrelevant ones. See the following screenshot:

Pro tip

At any moment on your top right, you can see a Preview of your survey. This preview will always be the last saved version!

3.3 Configuration of your survey

Once all your questions ready, it's time to set your configs. Here's the choices:

  1. Define if the survey is sent to the full business or scoped to a location(s)/position(s)

  2. Am I sending the survey in my name? Or in the organisations name?

  3. When does the survey end (or maybe it doesn't)?

Once these options are established, simply validate the info and send it!

4- Now what happens?

Once created, employees will be notified and will be able to answer the questions. They can find their survey under their notification as well as a visual on their home page!

Once they start answering, you'll be able to see the status of each rolling survey and click on each to gain more details!

Here's an example !

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