Before exporting your first pay

Before exporting your first payroll in Powerpay format, you must set up your configuration. Here is an article that explains How to set up the Powerpay export

A) Exporting your pay

Once the employees' timesheet have been approved, you can export the hours into Powerpay

  • Click on the « Export the pay period» button

B) Exporting options

  • Select the Ceridian Powerpay export format

  • Click on the « Export » button at the bottom

  • Save the spreadsheet on your desktop

C) Importing data

Once in your payroll system, here’s how to import

  • Select your pay period first.

D) Importing transactions

  • Go in the section « Payroll », then « Import » and finally « Custom Import »

  • Click on « Browse » to select your file.

  • Click on « Import Data » at the bottom.

E) Importation successful

  • In the « Import Status » section, you will be able to see if everything went well and if there are any errors (in the blue rectangle at the top)

  • Right under it, you will see the latest imports that were completed.

F) Verification

After everything's done, you can go and verify in the timesheets directly.

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