The News Feed is a tool allowing you to publish various communications to your staff. News Feed threads can contain attachments like PDF, Photos, Spreadsheets that will remain available as long as you don't archive the thread or put an end date to it. 

Only an admin, manager or supervisor can create a thread on the News Feed.

A) Creating a new thread

  • Go to the "News Feed" menu

  • Create a new Thread

B) Composing the message

The body of the message is composed of the following items.

  • Title 

  • Message

  • Attachment: For instance, an image, a PDF etc.


You can categorize your message under generic (Training, Announcement, Internal Policies) or customized sections of your News Feed. See here, how to manage them

Thread Duration

By default the date your message is sent will be today and it will have no end date. This means it will always be available to present and future employees. We strongly advise to add an end date if the nature of the thread is temporary.

C) Scoping the recipients

You can scope the recipients of the thread either with sites or positions. Uncheck the "All" boxes and choose the sites or positions you wish to address this message.

D) Message options

  • Draft: If you are not finished with the message

  • Sticky message: Checking this option permanently keeps the message at the top of the message list.

  • Comments accepted: Gives the option to comment.

  • Requires confirmation: Asks for employee confirmation.

E) How to know when employees read a message

On each thread you will see an "eye" icon on the far right. Clicking on this eye will allow you to see who has read the message and who didn't. More on that here.

F) Editing or Archiving a Thread

Once your message has been created, you can modify anything regarding it.

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