An employee has two possible ways of seeing his colleagues schedule, Both of these functionalities can be deactivated if needed. 

A) See the full schedule of coworkers

This option is deactivated by default.

  • To activate this option, go under the employee profile ➡️ Roles & Positions tab.

  • Then, under What is their positions? you have the "Can see the full schedule of his coworkers" checkbox.

1 - How can employees find the coworkers schedule

See this article on how they can do so. We would recommend sharing this article in the News Feed.

2- Tip : Give access to everyone at once

Instead of manually changing the setting for each employee, it is possible to mass change.

  1. Go to the Employee's tab

  2. Check the box under Bulk actions on the top left to select all employees

  3. Click on Bulk actions and choose Update coworkers settings

  4. Check Can see the full schedule of their coworkers

  5. Confirm

B) See the coworkers that work at the same time

This setting is activated by default in the Settings menu.

  • Employees can see who works at the same time as them when they click on their shifts.

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