Agendrix has a functionality that lets you know if employees have seen their schedules. 

For it to work, the schedules have to be published.

How to validate the schedule consultation

Find the eyes 👁

When employees will have seen their schedules you will notice an eye on the shift that has been seen. 

Note: Employees do not know that you have this information

Find out the exact time of consultation

If you hover the shift you will see the hour as well as the date that the employee has seen the shift!

Other option

It is also possible for employees to confirm their shifts for you to have an extra confirmation on their end.

It will appear as a check rather than an eye in the schedule.

To ad this feature you must go under Settings -> Employee Scheduling

Confirmation is optional for the employee. He is not forced to do so and he cannot refuse the shift. You will simply have the eye appear if he has seen it but did not confirm it.

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