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How to Change the Order of Employees
How to Change the Order of Employees

Order employees by seniority. Separate employees by department

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You can change the order of your employees in the scheduler using the drop down menu at the top of the agenda.

A) Orders Available

  • Seniority

  • Employee name (Alphabetical)

  • Employee number

B) Seniority

In order to use the seniority as a criteria, you have to make sure the employees have a date of hire in their profil under the ''employment'' section

C) Group by position 

Grouping by position will separate your different positions or departments and will place them one under the other. The feature can be activated under the ''display'' section located at the left of the agenda.

D) Custom order

There is no feature to create your custom order, but here's a little tip to have the employees in your desired order:

Add a number in front of the employee's name !

The employees will show on the agenda according to the number in front of their name.

It's that easy !

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