4 things to know on mobile clocking before activating it

1 - Mobile clocking requires that the GPS be enabled on the mobile device

The phone must have access to an internet network to be able to clock.

2 - We do not follow employees 24/7

It would be illegal in most cases and it would use all their date + drain their batteries. We only take a position snapshot at the moment of the clock in/out.

3 - It is possible to restrain the ability to clock within a determined perimeter

You can add an address to your location(s) around which a perimeter will be defined and where employees will have to be in order to clock. Employees won't be able to clock from home! If you have multiple job sites where your employees go, you will need the "Resources" module. (See point C)

4 - Mobile clocking is activated for all employees

It is not possible to activate it to certain users only.

A) Activating mobile clocking

  1. Go to "Settings"

  2. "Time and Attendance" tab

  3. Allow employees to clock on their mobile app

B) Enabling Geofencing

By default employees will have to be located within 100 meters of the location's address in order to clock in. It is not possible to go below this threshold given the multiple interferences and laking precision of multiple devices.

If you wish to remove the restriction, simply uncheck the box. Even if you remove the restriction you will be able to consult the location of the employee at the moment of his clock using the clock log.

Can clock out from anywhere without justification

Employees frequently forget to clock out. With this setting they will be able to indicate the actual end time and provide a justification from being away from radius. We strongly recommend you enable it as it will reduce the amount of back and forth with them!

C) Setting the perimeter


You can go in "Settings" menu ➡️ Locations and create/edit your location's adresses.

Multiple job sites

If you are a security, construction, home care or field services company you are probably dispatching your staff around multiple job sites each week.

We recommend using the Resources module in this regard. You will be able to create Job Sites that will then be assignable to employee's shifts.

  • Create a Resource (job site)

  • Assign the Resource (job site) to a shift

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