Step-by-Step Procedure

Once the Integration with Belocum has been activated in your organization, a new option will show when creating an open shift. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Create an open shift

  2. Check the "Send Shift to BeLocum» box

  3. Select the adequate position (Pharmacist, Assistant etc.)

  4. Save

  5. Publish the shift

When you will publish the shift, a relief mandate will automatically be created in BeLocum. Immediately when a candidate will have been selected, the shift will be updated with her name in Agendrix.

Graphic Walkthrough

When creating an open shift, you must:

  1. Check the box "Send Shift to BeLocum"

  2. Choose the adequate position (Pharmacist, Assistant etc.)

  3. Save

Identifying the relief staff

Once the substitute staff will have been selected. The open shift will be updated to to show her name.

BeLocum Shift Tag

Every open shift sent to BeLocum will be displayed with a special icon on the top right corner.

Notifications 🔔

You will receive an instant notification when a relief staff is selected in BeLocum for one of your open shifts in Agendrix. The BeLocum tag will also be slightly highlighted.

Other Information

  1. If you delete an open shift in Agendrix that has been sent to BeLocum, it will be deleted there as well (and vice-versa)

  2. If a candidate suggests a time change to the initial open shift and her request is accepted in BeLocum, the shift's time will be updated in Agendrix

  3. If a chosen candidate withdraws from a shift, the shift will update this information in Agendrix.

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