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Agendrix High Fives

What are High Fives and how to use them

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High Fives are pretty simple. The tool gives you the opportunity to send gratz or thanks messages to your work colleagues. A message, a gif and reactions that can be private or public!

Where are High Fives?

If your organisation has high fives activated under the company settings, you can access when on the web version in your navigation bar on your left or in the top left menu on the mobile version.

If you are a manager, you can find high fives under the HR section of your navigation bar!

Creating a High Five

  1. Give a High Five

    1. Web version: On the top right of your screen

    2. Version mobile: Press the "+" button on your bottom right

  2. Choose the high five recipient

    1. It can be 1 or more specific people

    2. It can also be a full team

  3. Choose the type

  4. Write it up 💪

    1. Write your message

    2. Add a gif

    3. Define if the high five is private or public

    4. Choose the colour

  5. Choose wether you want to snd it immediately or later

  6. Confirm it!

Checking out High Fives

All high fives will be found under this same page and at the top of the page you'll have access to a variety of filters to see the desired high fives. Here's a couple filters:

  • Types of high fives

  • Received high fives

  • Send high fives

  • By location

  • Private vs public

Due note that for all high fives you can add reactions!

Checking out High Fives sent or received by en employee

You can see the High Fives sent or received by an employee in their profile under ''High Fives''

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