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How to approve availability requests

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Employees can submit their availabilities through their web or mobile application. Here is a guide for them in that regard. 

You can also manually enter their availabilities in their profile ️ "Availabilities" tab. By default, when an employee submits a new availability list, you will need to approve it.

You can disable the need to approve changes to availabilities in the "Settings" menu "Employee Scheduling" tab

A) Pending Availability Requests

  • Once a new availability is submitted you will be notified

  • All pending requests will be in the "Requests" menu ➡️ "Availability" tab

  • Click on any request you wish to review

If you are on the mobile app for managers, follow this procedure instead.

B) Availability details

At the top of the request you will view:

  • The starting week

  • The previous availabilities

  • The new availabilities

  • Notes left by the employees (optional) 

C) Decision

Under the changes, you will be able to perform the following actions:

  • Approve

  • Decline

  • Comment:  Employees will be prompted to reply with additional info before you make your decision

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