Agendrix offers your four different access level that you can give your employees. Each level gives you a way to personalize the structure of your account. Except for the Administrator level which is de facto assigned to all locations, each employee can have a different role per location. You can edit the role of each employee in their profile ️ "Roles and positions" tab.

Note that you can have as many employees in each role as you like, there is not limit. You cannot customize the features granted by each role

A) Administrator Role

An Administrator has complete oversight of your account.

  • Create and manage locations

  • Create employees and assign all roles

  • Manage settings

  • Payroll export

  • Access the billing menu

To change a member's role, you must go under roles and positions

B) Manager Role

A Manager has the same access as an Administrator except:

  • His access can be scoped to certain locations only

  • He doesn't have access to the Billing menu

  • He doesn't have access to the Settings menu

  • He can only see hourly rates and manage payroll if enabled by the Administrator in "Settings" menu ➡️ "Employee Scheduling" tab

C) Supervisor Role

A Supervisor has the same access as a Manager except:

  • His role can be scoped to locations and positions

  • He cannot create a Fixed Terminal for clocking

  • He cannot approve his own time entries

  • He can never see hourly rates, salaries and wages

To create a supervisor, you must also select the positions that are supervised

D) Employee Role

An Employee does not have access to any management feature. In a glimpse, here is what he can do:

  • He can see his schedule and set his notifcation preferences

  • He can use the time clock

  • He can use the messenger and comment on his shifts

  • He cannot see hourly rates, wages nor salaries

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