Agendrix gives you the opportunity to segment your account with locations and the possibility to share employees between them. More about it in this article.

A location can represent a different site, but also a different department in the case of larger organizations.

A) Manage locations in employee profiles

  1. Go to the employee profile

  2. Click on Roles and Positions

  3. Click on Settings

B) Choose Locations

  1. Chose primary (most used) location

  2. Click in the Other locations box

  3. Click on the location you want to add

  4. Click on the "X" of an existing location to remove it

  5. Click on Save

C) Roles and positions

When you add an employee in a new location, you will have to assign him a role and positions. They can be different by location.

See this article for more about Agendrix roles.

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