Why hide shifts’ end?

In certain industries such as restaurants and events, it’s impossible to predict the end of most shifts. That’s why it’s better to simply display the start time of the shifts and to hide the end. You still have to put an end time when creating the shift for projection purposes, but the employee won't see it.

A) Enabling the setting to hide the end time of shifts

  1. Click on the “Settings” menu in the left menu bar (Pink arrow)
  2. Click on the “Employee Scheduling” tab at the top of the page (Blue box)
  3. Check the box “Allow hiding shift’s end to employee” (Yellow arrow)

IMPORTANTWhen you activate this option all shift by default will have hidden end times.

B) How to use the setting

  • A new check box named “Hide end time to employee” (Blue arrow) will appear in each shift creation window
  • The shift will then have a pale "end time" in the scheduler (Green arrow)
  • This box will always be checked by default. Therefore, from now on, you will have to uncheck it if you want the employee to see it

C) How employee see it

From then on, employees will only see when their shift starts.

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