A) Why Use Filters

Most action buttons in Agendrix rely on filters. If you have filters activated, the following functions will only work on shifts in accord with them:

  • Publishing

  • Printing

  • Copying

If you also only want to see certain employees it will give you the desired view.

B) Where are the filters

Filters are always on the left of the Agenda. If your working screen is under 16 inches, you will find the filters in the purple funnel on the top left of the agenda (see blue square).

B) Filter Positions

The first filter you can use is the Position filter (Blue arrow). Each position selected will show up in the scheduler, the others will be left out or their shift will be pale (Orange arrow). More on managing positions here.

C) Other Options

Under the "Other options" section you will find additional filters.

  • Hide background shifts: Will complete hide pale shifts outside your filters

  • Employees with shifts: Will only show scheduled employees (with shifts)

  • Employees without shifts: Will only show employees not scheduled (without shifts)

  • Show open shifts: Displays the open shift line on top

  • Only time offs and hide time offs: Hides all other shifts to show only time offs or on the swap side to hide the said time offs

  • Group by position: Separate employees by position and then by order (next bullet point)

  • Employee order: Alphabetical, Seniority or by Employee Number

  • Show Budget : Show our budget tool.

D) Advanced Employee Filter

An advanced filter with a search bar is displayed on top of the employees' name list.(Orange box) Here are some advanced commands:

  • Whatever you write in this bar will be searched in the employee name and profile's notes

  • If you separate items with "," it will work as "or" in the search: For example searching for "Kevin, Julia" will yield a result of all employees with the names Kevin or Julia

  • Separating items with "+" will work as "and" in the search: For example writing "lead+CPR" will yield a result of all employees with the words "lead" and "CPR" in their profile (positions and notes)

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