In Agendrix you have multiple views of the schedule. You have access to a day, week and month view. 

By default you will be in the week view (the most developed view).

A) Change the View

You can pass from one view to another next to the currently selected date. See the following screenshot!

Alternative views

Day View

The day view has a couple more precise details.

  • Hours are vertically positioned rater than horizontally

  • You see availabilities with more detail (arrows)

  • You see the scheduled employee count for every hour in a day (square)

Extra: In the day view you can filter the view under other options in regards to the earliest shifts. This gives you the opportunity to see the day in order with your earliest working employees up top and latest down bottom.

Month View

The month view offers a bit more of an overview.

  • Useful to visualize time offs over a larger period of time

  • See the employees names directly in the shifts

Note: Today will be tinted in yellow!

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