A) Where are the reports?

Reports can be found under the Reports tab in the Agendrix navigator on the left side of the screen. 

You will find Employee scheduling reports based on scheduled hours and Time and Attendance reports based on actual time entries for our pro plan users. 

Note that all the reports can be exported with personalized dates, specific positions or locations with some extra options. 

B) Hours and cost

The hours and cost report exports the total scheduled hours per employee. If you want costs to be displayed, hourly rates have to be added to the employee profile.

C) Labor cost

Most used in the restauration business, the report exports the percentage of scheduled cost over the budgeted revenues.

D) Time offs per employee

This will export the amount of each type of scheduled time offs per employee.

E) Resources (add-on)

Generates a report that gives the total hours scheduled per resource. 

F) Shifts and time offs

Generates a list of all scheduled shifts and time offs. It can be personalized with multiple options. We recommend grouping by employee.

G) Requests

Generates a list of the different types of requests. Can be filtered in two ways:

  1. By type of request (time off, shift transfers, open shifts)

  2. By request status ( approved, declined, canceled)

When exporting time offs, you can also filter by time off type!

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