The Premiums module allows you to create shift premiums that can be added and calculated on your employees' shifts and time entries. 

Here are 6 Things to Know About Premiums

1 - Premiums must be created by an admin

Only admins can create and edit the settings of a Premiums Once this is done, managers can add/remove premiums for shifts and time entries.

Here is an article on how to create a Shift Premium

2- These are the different types of shift premiums supported

  1. Time-based 4pm to 12am, 10pm to 6am etc. 
  2. Day-of-the-week-based: Saturday, Sunday premiums (weekends)
  3. Position-based: Assistant-manager, team-lead premiums, etc.
  4. Location-based: For example, the Ottawa location could provide a premium to its employees because it is further away than the Montreal location.
  5. Employee-based: Sandra can have a premium automatically added to all her shifts, according with her individual employment contract.
  6. Start time/end time: If a shift start before/after or ends after X time, the premium is triggered.

These premiums can be automated with preset rules in the settings.

3 - Premiums can be added manually or automatically

During the creation process, the admin will determine if a Premium will be added spontaneously or automatically, based on predetermined rules.

Here is an article on Spontaneous Premiums (manual) and an article on Automatic Premiums.

4 - Premiums calculation types vary

Premiums in Agendrix are always calculated in "hours" (unitary) and not in currency. Here are the three different methods of calculation available.

  1. Apply the premium only to work hours overlapping the trigger
  2. Apply the premiums to the entire shift when some of it overlaps a premium trigger
  3. Apply a specific amount of premium, regardless of the work shift's duration

6 - Premiums can stack up

Work shifts are not limited to one premium only. All Premiums triggered will apply on the shift, as well as spontaneously added ones.

7 - Premiums Module is compatible with certain payroll integrations

Currently, our Premiums module is compatible with Nethris and Employer D. You can otherwise export our Time Entries report which contains all premiums.

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